How Soon is Now?

February 20, 2009

Your BaumBastic author

The first Being Baumbastic post is not a cause for celebration. I consider it more of an explanation for the project itself.

I have never really felt inspired to write a personal blog. It’s not that I am against the blog-medium in general, and I am a big fan of internet-narcissism. (Check out my google-hits!)

I just never felt the need to have a personal blog. I can try to play the humble card and say ”I never thought my life was interesting enough to warrant a blog” but that’s not how it goes. My apathy somehow got the best of me and I never really felt inspired to start a blog.

But enough with that crippling spirit of indifference. I made a conscious decision to embrace the blogospehre. Or rather, circumstances decided to embrace me. I was recently laid off from the ole’ 9-5 and I got nothing but free time. As much as I love spending my days reading, streaming Netflix, contemplating grad-school, going on bike rides in sub-zero temperatures, and spending hours on that craigslist, I decided I need a new hobby. So here we are.

I will be completely honest with you. I haven’t really envisioned the blog’s specific theme yet. I am taking an elastic free-flowing approach and when I identify what works in terms of tone/theme, I will proceed accordingly.

For the record, I know exactly what I don’t want this blog to devolve into. That is, a journal that tracks my daily habits. (“Today I brushed my teeth five times and my gums started to bleed. God damn gums.”) Nor do I want to be that guy that just posts links to a variety of news stories and provides his two lines of personal commentary.  (Dow Jones Drops….. “Boooo Economy.”)

Maybe this is a somewhat obvious way to end post #1 one, but more to come. Think potential.