This group assignment asks students to devise a proposal and identify their goals for the final project. It is important that they explain the subject of the exhibition and describe how they intend to create the exhibition.

 Students are required to answer the following questions:
  • How do you intend to use Omeka? How is the exhibit going to be organized?
  • What are the themes, topics,and ideas that animate the exhibit?
  • How is the work going to be divided up between the group members?
  • Where are the sources coming from? Online digital collections? Young Research Library Special Collections? Books/ articles we read in class?
  • How might the exhibit challenge or reinforce your understanding of Los Angeles?
Students are required to reference and draw upon relevant assigned readings in the proposal. Project proposals should be about 500 words. Please hand in the assignment in class. Only one proposal needed per group.
Keep in mind that this is just a proposal — it is okay, even expected, for project goals to change as the quarter progresses.


Due May 1st


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