This American Baumgarten

March 6, 2009


Last May I attended the live This American Life episode, which was broadcast from New York to audiences in movie theaters across the country. It was a pleasant enough outing that included playing a riveting game Botticelli beforehand and ackowledging to myself that I sort of want to be Ira Glass. But ten months later the event was off my radar, until the recent release of the live event on DVD.

Unbeknownst to me,the TAL camera men were trying to get close up shots of me for the entire night. I guess that is what happens when you wear a red plaid shirts. That, or I just sat coincidentally in a seat that happened to be within the camera’s gaze.

Either way, I feel a tad-bit shafted if this is my fifteen minutes of fame and would prefer a do-over.

(I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague/Microsoft Paint guru Amy Asheroff for taking time out of her busy day as a 9-1-1 operator at a medical clinic in D.C. for inserting that snarky comment into the photo above.)


3 Responses to “This American Baumgarten”

  1. Ester Says:

    Gak! And there I am! How’d you get the still? Have you watched the dvd? Is it available online somewhere?

  2. Boca Junior Says:

    David Bowie eat yer heart out!

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