How Soon is Now?

February 20, 2009

Your BaumBastic author

The first Being Baumbastic post is not a cause for celebration. I consider it more of an explanation for the project itself.

I have never really felt inspired to write a personal blog. It’s not that I am against the blog-medium in general, and I am a big fan of internet-narcissism. (Check out my google-hits!)

I just never felt the need to have a personal blog. I can try to play the humble card and say ”I never thought my life was interesting enough to warrant a blog” but that’s not how it goes. My apathy somehow got the best of me and I never really felt inspired to start a blog.

But enough with that crippling spirit of indifference. I made a conscious decision to embrace the blogospehre. Or rather, circumstances decided to embrace me. I was recently laid off from the ole’ 9-5 and I got nothing but free time. As much as I love spending my days reading, streaming Netflix, contemplating grad-school, going on bike rides in sub-zero temperatures, and spending hours on that craigslist, I decided I need a new hobby. So here we are.

I will be completely honest with you. I haven’t really envisioned the blog’s specific theme yet. I am taking an elastic free-flowing approach and when I identify what works in terms of tone/theme, I will proceed accordingly.

For the record, I know exactly what I don’t want this blog to devolve into. That is, a journal that tracks my daily habits. (“Today I brushed my teeth five times and my gums started to bleed. God damn gums.”) Nor do I want to be that guy that just posts links to a variety of news stories and provides his two lines of personal commentary.  (Dow Jones Drops….. “Boooo Economy.”)

Maybe this is a somewhat obvious way to end post #1 one, but more to come. Think potential.







9 Responses to “How Soon is Now?”

  1. Caroline Says:

    I’m bleeding, too!

  2. mbaumgarten Says:

    gross. very gross.

  3. todd Says:

    nice blog. almost as good as on234.

  4. Arthur Says:

    Now is soon enough. Now is just right.

    Max, as you know, I live an almost completely unemployed life. With the exception of teaching the SAT a few times a week, most of my time is spent spending money, because that’s what life is in this city: draining you in every way, wiping out your every resource, with every breath you take. So it is with a hungry heart that I welcome your blog debut, as a positive and constructive pastime that won’t break my bank. I will be observing this blog’s career and stock very closely and with extreme interest. Sometimes I will write lengthy comments, hopefully thoughtful and pointed ones, in response to your posts– I enjoy being a reader, but not as much as I enjoy being an ACTIVE reader, interacting with the writer and engaging in stimulating discussions, be they intellectual or light in spirit. In this way the blog gains a life of its own as a vehicle for ideas, or like a mattress for the intercourse of ideas, a place where they can be nude and comfortable being nude.

  5. mbaumgarten Says:

    Someone got to get that Arthur fellow his own blog.

  6. Michael Says:

    To the Editors:

    In “Survival of the Smallest” {NYR, March 10], István Deák writes on page 22: “In ancient Egypt, dwarfs were often venerated like gods.” Deák here is discussing pathological dwarfs. However, Paul Schebesta, Die Bambuti-Pygmäen vom Ituri (Brussels: Institut Royal Colonial Belge, 1938, Vol. 1, pp. 5–11), argues persuasively that the “god-dancers” venerated by the ancient Egyptians were not pathological dwarfs at all, but pygmies from the African rain forest. Schebesta cites, inter alia, a letter of the pharaoh Pepi II or Phiops II (Sixth Dynasty) which seems clearly to support this view.

    Florence, Colorado

  7. Arthur Says:

    I will tell you why a blog of my own is an impossibility. There are two reasons, which as we will see, are just one reason.
    The first reason is that I have many enemies, populating all grades of the spectrum, and both extremes. There are foes that would skin me. I don’t want them to know what I think.

    The second reason is that, unless I’m commenting on something someone else has said, I have only negative things to say. Right now I could write a nice entry, about Sarah Jessica Parker’s face, and the bizarre snow globe universe we live in that has randomly brought together the elements required for that face to be shown to so many people. Why not a fat horse’s ass instead? I would rather watch a horse’s ass on powerful laxatives talk about its sex column and promiscuous adventures in the city, than SJP’s face. Anything, in fact, but that. I’m sorry I feel so strongly.

    But put these two together: Eventually I would write something negative (but honest) about someone I deal with closely, like an employer. They would find out, and become my enemy. Or another scenario: a current enemy would find my blog, read it, and laugh at me (for whatever reason). I’d rather let them think I’m dead.

  8. Arthur Says:

    The last reason I can’t have a blog my own is the comment I posted above. It has only been ten seconds and I deeply regret having written it. I don’t feel SJP is bad looking at all, really. I’m sorry I said that. It was too harsh.
    On a blog of my own, the form would just be: Rant/Apology/Rant/Apology

  9. Sarah Jessica Parker Says:

    Arthur –

    Call me. (917)441-8220.


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